Event driven. Real time. Verified. Services delivered over ip networks and from the 24/7/365 Global Zone operations centre are fast and effective, and leveraged off a purpose-built ip network. We’ve been designed for modern security from the ground up, not reconstructed to fit.

  • IP Monitoring

    High-speed, accurate, informative monitoring and management, all delivered on a network designed for IP.

  • Video Monitoring

    Leverage off the latest HD video systems to verify alarms, reduce costly guard callouts, and avoid night-time phone calls.

  • Alarm Monitoring

    Industry-standard alarm monitoring for both IP systems and Legacy panels. With options for redundancy and PSTN alternatives.

Managed Services

  • Managed Access

    For after-hours and weekend site access, Managed Access enables the operations centre to remotely let authorised vehicles into site, eliminating the need for an on-site guard.

  • Video Patrols

    Reduce guard patrol costs by having the operations centre conduct scheduled camera checks of your site for things like closed gates and staff still present.

  • Guard Patrols

    Scheduled patrol checks of your site to ensure the site is secure and correct.

  • Remote Actions

    Thanks to the speed and connectivity, IP systems enable the operations centre to remotely turn on and off your security system, program users, and open doors. All without having to send a guard to site.

  • Automatic Reports

    Gain an insight into who’s actually using your system, and get answers on who’s first in and last out.

  • Client Portal

    Eliminate the need for and costly expense of on-site servers and software. The ProtegeGX user management portal enables end-user access in real-time for all user management and operational changes.


  • Redundancy & Backup

    4G Wireless, Dual-WAN, Secondary PSTN solutions to ensure your system is reachable, and fixed-costs plans for peace of mind.

  • NBN Readiness

    Don’t let your current system become a communications headache. Get NBN-Enabled without the headaches.

  • Legacy Support

    Still using phonelines or GSM? No problem. Our systems support the majority of all popular alarm systems for monitoring.

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