There’s not much point in having a state-of-the-art security system if it can’t communicate effectively. With solutions for primary communications over Fixed WAN or 4G Wireless, and backup options to suit, the risk of losing connectivity due to a single point of failure is minimised.

Fixed WAN (Internet)

  • Preferred Primary connection method for all installations via client’s own LAN/internet service
  • Global Zone supports IPSec tunnelling for client sites where port-forwarding is not supported, or a higher degree of security is required
  • A second Fixed WAN connection is supported should the site desire a second connection for Backup purposes.

4G Wireless

  • High-Speed Wireless data connectivity via Telstra’s NextG network
  • Can service as Primary communications for remote sites, mobile installations, or sites where IP infrastructure does not exit.
  • Ideal for scenarios where a new installation is required, but there is no internet connection yet installed, and can transition to a Backup connection once primary fixed internet is available.

Redundancy & Backup

Don’t let the communications be the undoing of your system. Redundancy can be achieved easily by adding 4G Wireless with our supported FortiGate router, and/or by adding a MultiPath T4000 Alarm Communicator to your system.

  • 4G Wireless via FortiGate router supports backup of both the alarm system and surveillance system, for inbound AND outbound communications via the operations centre
  • MultiPath Communicator provides backup for alarm system signalling only for IP systems. Inbound access is supported for limited legacy panels.

NBN Readiness

For sites that already have the NBN, or simply have no copper infrastructure, your communications depend on your system type:

IP Systems

If you’re about to have a new Global Zone system installed, you can rest easy. Our systems are natively IP and will support NBN and existing networks without any copper infrastructure or PSTN lines.

Legacy Systems

If your current alarm system reports via phone line, then don’t stress. We can install a MultiPath 4G router to take your system off your phone line and save you all the call costs in the process!

Legacy Support

Still using phonelines or GSM? No problem. Our systems support the majority of all popular alarm systems for monitoring. If you’re after redundancy, or just want to get off your phone lines, check out the MultiPath T400 Alarm Communicator, which can be easily added to your existing system for either Primary or Backup communications, and supports multiple communications paths.

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