About Global Zone

30+ years of experience...

Security tends to change slowly and avoid changes in technology. Global Zone rejects this assumption by constantly changing with the available technologies to make sure our client’s are getting the best solutions they can to protect their sites and assets.

Starting over 30 years ago in simple manpower and guard dog services, Global Zone has gone through many changes. Still, one thing has remained the same… The need to make sure our clients receive the best advice and solutions available to them. 

Today, this means smart camera analytics, IP alarm systems with web interfaces, smart phone applications, and a 24/7 video monitoring control room. This is the gold standard and we want to make sure you are clients have access to it.

We want to help you too. Reach out to us and we can set up an onsite inspection for you. This is free and with no obligation.


24 hour graded Video Verification with smart phone support for your cameras, alarm, and access control systems

Without Compromise

Free site inspections and estimates that balance your needs with the latest technologies to build your perfect security solution.