About Us

Global Zone has been delivering IP-based digital security for business and enterprise for many years. This being our core focus means we have a great deal of experience with various platforms and solutions, and have been able to identify what works best for deployments in the digital (IP) world.

Thanks to our trained and certified staff, we have a deep understanding of IP technology which many traditional security companies simply do not have. Our technicians have a core understanding of technologies in the IT space, which is key for being able to build, deploy, support and service IP based security systems.

We keep our solutions offering very lean. What this means is that we identify a product, we assess it, and if it meets our requirements, we stick to it. This means we avoid having to support hundreds of different makes and models of products, and can deliver an overall better result. This is in contrast to companies which may sell many different products from many different vendors, but lack a deep knowledge of each product. Our lean focus means we have also developed strong relationships with our industry partners, to ensure we get reliable and timely support.

Global Zone is more than just a systems integrator and installer. Our solution is end-to-end, and in order to deliver this, we operate a security control room which provides industry-standard monitoring services, and many other managed services including Video Verification, Managed Access, Remote Actions, and more.
Our solution architecture has been designed around IP from the very start, and we are constantly looking at ways of doing even better.

Mission, Values, Vision

Our Mission: Aiming to change the security landscape and deliver flexible, scalable solutions for businesses using best-of-breed technologies.

Our Values

  • Dedicated to the whole solution
  • Full visibility and transparency of security services
  • Design with the future in mind
  • No strings attached
  • Deliver an enterprise-class solution, Support like a small business
  • Integrity, Honesty, and Customer Service

Our Vision

Global Zone aims to become the number one Australian end-to-end security solutions provider. Through our dedicated team, vendor partnerships, and best-of-breed industry technology, we aim to deliver scalable, flexible, and feature-rich security solutions. Along with a complimentary managed services suite delivered in real-time from our 24×7 control centre, we aim to deliver peace-of-mind and completely managed solutions for our end users.