Alarm Systems and Video Verification Monitoring (24/7)

Allow Global Zone to supply, install, and remote monitor your site’s alarm system with out Australian industry graded solutions. From residential to large scale enterprises, we can find the solution that fits your needs.

Alarm System

IP camera Systems

See what is happening on your site 24/7 with smart phone, PC, and remote support. New camera analytics can make detection and recording accuracy quick and accurate. Choose the arming area, schedule, and event (vehicles and human detection) to get customized alarms directly to your phone in real time.

Access Control

Add a new level of control to your site’s access. Swipe cards, FOBs, Smart Phones with Bluetooth technology, and biometrics are all available to you and your team. Get real time reports and control over your user base from the secure web portals and take control over who is allowed into your site directly.

Solar Security

Global Zone have developed solar powered security camera poles. This solution offers you a portable or fixed option for security where electricity or cabling may not be an option. As long as you have a sunny spot, a 4G signal or Wi-Fi, you’re covered. These are available for purchase outright or on an affordable rental plan.


The things you need to know

We support all common alarm systems. For new installations a custom solutions will be offered that will consist of a Paradox, Inception, or Protege System based on the client needs.

No. You can get an IP camera system, the alarm system, or the access control system all independent of each other. To unlock the real power behind Global Zone’s solution though, Video Monitoring, this requires all of the systems combined.

Video Monitoring ties the IP camera system, alarm system, and access control system together for a unified monitoring solution. Alarm zones and access doors are tied to cameras and camera analytic zones. The monitoring centre than verifies each event against the corresponding video. If there is an actionable offence, the event is video verified and emergency service are contacted immediately. If the event is benign (animals, wind, etc), then the event is deescalated and the zone reset.

Let us help you with this. We do free site inspections and estimates. We will work with you to figure out what makes your site unique and create a customized solution to fit you.

Global Zone covers all of Australia through our technician and contractor network. We have offices and warehouses in Melbourne and Brisbane to make sure we can dispatch parts and service our clients quickly and effectively.