IP Camera Systems and Advanced Smart Analytics

At Global Zone, we are dedicated to enhancing the security and monitoring capabilities of both new and existing camera systems. Our focus is on integrating cutting-edge technology to offer intelligent solutions for security challenges that were once difficult to tackle.

IP Camera Systems

Innovative Solutions with Dahua’s Wizsense Range

For those looking to install new systems, we highly recommend Dahua’s Wizsense range. These advanced cameras are equipped with smart analytics, a revolutionary feature that adds a layer of intelligence to standard surveillance practices. This technology enables the cameras to interpret and respond to specific situations in real-time, significantly boosting security efficiency.

24/7 Monitoring with Enhanced Accessibility

Stay connected and informed about the activities on your site around the clock. Whether you’re using a smartphone, PC, or benefitting from our remote support services, our systems ensure you’re never out of the loop. With the new camera analytics technology, detection and recording are not only quick but remarkably accurate. You can customize your surveillance by setting the arming area, schedule, and specific events such as vehicle and human detection. As a result, you receive personalized alarm notifications directly on your phone in real-time, keeping you promptly informed of any significant occurrences.

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What is smart analytics in cameras?

IP Camera Systems

Smart analytics in cameras refers to the integration of advanced algorithms that enable cameras to intelligently analyze video footage. This technology allows the cameras to detect, categorize, and respond to specific activities or behaviors captured in the video, enhancing surveillance effectiveness.

What is analytics in CCTV camera?

Analytics in CCTV cameras is the use of data analysis tools and software to interpret video footage. This can include motion detection, facial recognition, and other forms of data processing that help in making surveillance more proactive and responsive.

What is an IP camera system?

An IP (Internet Protocol) camera system is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via an IP network. These are used for surveillance but, unlike analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, they require no local recording device, only a local network.

Which IP camera is best?

The best IP camera depends on your specific needs. Factors to consider include image quality, the field of view, storage options, and whether you require features like night vision or motion detection. Dahua’s Wizsense range, for instance, is highly regarded for its advanced features and reliability.

Is IP camera better than CCTV?

IP cameras generally offer higher-resolution images and a more flexible installation than traditional CCTV cameras. They can send and receive data via a computer network and the internet, which allows for easier remote access and generally more advanced features.

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