Global Zone 5 Star
Security Audits and Services

CCTV Monitoring

Ask  yourself, does the security for your site actually help deter intruders, reduce internal shrinkage, protect you financially, and perform when needed?

Global Zone, in partnership with Austbrokers Countrywide, have created a comprehensive program to make simplify the process and create a pathway to the quality security solution your site deserves. A 5 star solution.

Global Zone’s 5 Star Audit will assess the current state of your security solution as well as provide step by step suggestions to bringing any deficencies up to spec.

The audit covers multiple facets of the solution including:
Preventative Maintenance, User Walk Tests, Camera Functionality, Alarm Functionality, Access Security, Monitoring, Comms Gear Security, Redundancy, and Emergency Planning. 

Once the system meets the audit standards, insurance through Austbrokers Countrywide is available at special offers and coverages.


Audit Standards:

  • Preventative Maintenance: This service should be done via schedule at a minimum of yearly.
  • Walk Tests: This should be done locally every month.
  • Camera Functionality: All Working with 30+ Days of footage.
  • Alarm Functionality: The system should be working with no bypasses or tampers.
  • Monitoring: The system should be video Monitoring with an A1 centre.
  • Comms Room Security: This area should have an access control entry.
  • Site Access: All users have individual PINs with restricted access where needed.
  • Redundancy: The Alarm system should report via IP with redundant 4G communication.
  • Emergency Planning: The site should have offsite programming or storage for the alarm and access system.