Access Control Systems

At Global Zone, we specialise in fortifying your premises with the most advanced and secure systems available in Australia. Our access control solutions are designed to give you unparalleled control and security over who enters your premises, when they can enter, and allow you to generate real-time reports as needed. From modest setups like intercom security systems to expansive, multi-story encrypted solutions, our expertise is your key to a safer site.

Why choose global zone for your security needs?

Expertise in a Wide Range of Security Solutions: We support, supply, and install an extensive array of security and access control systems, tailored to meet the unique needs of your site. Whether you’re looking for a basic door controller, a comprehensive security access control system, or IP access control systems, we have the solutions to ensure your premises are secure.

 Customised Access and Control: Our offerings include everything from the basic security alarm and alarm systems to more complex systems like HID access control systems and Protege access control solutions. We pride ourselves on providing secure systems that offer both integrity access control and control security, ensuring that access is granted only to those who should have it.
● Australia-Wide Service: We operate across Australia, providing access control systems installation, access control services, and security monitoring companies with the solutions they need to protect their assets. Whether you’re looking for access control systems for schools, commercial building security systems, or even low-cost access control systems, we’ve got you covered.
 Advanced Technology Solutions: Our cutting-edge solutions include gate security systems, commercial security systems, and the best security systems available on the market today. We specialise in both wired and IP access control systems, offering both flexibility and reliability in securing your premises.

Our products and services

● Security and Access Control Systems: We offer a range of systems, including security access control systems, site access control systems, and door security systems for businesses.
● Alarm and Monitoring Services: Choose from our selection of business alarm systems, home alarm systems, and alarm monitoring services to keep your premises safe around the clock.
● Installation and Support: Our access control systems installation services ensure that your systems are set up correctly and functioning at their best, all across Australia.

For comprehensive, customised security solutions that meet the highest standards of protection and control, turn to Global Zone. We’re dedicated to delivering the best security company services across Australia, ensuring your peace of mind with our top-notch security solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What is an example of system access control?

System access control refers to mechanisms that manage and restrict who can access certain areas or resources within a site. An example would be a door controller that requires a key card to unlock.

What are the 3 types of access control systems?

The three primary types of access control systems are discretionary access control (DAC), mandatory access control (MAC), and role-based access control (RBAC).

What is the ACS system?

The ACS (Access Control System) is a framework designed to restrict access to authorized users, typically used in securing buildings and online systems.

Where are access control systems used?

Access control systems are widely used in various settings, including commercial buildings, schools, residential complexes, and government facilities, to enhance security and manage access permissions.

What are the types of access control systems in security?

Access control systems can range from physical systems, like gate security systems and commercial security systems, to logical systems used for data protection. Types include IP access control systems, biometric systems, and card reader systems.

Why do I need an access control system?

Access control systems are essential for ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter specific areas, protecting your assets, people, and information from unauthorized access and potential security threats.