No Power... No Problem!

Construction Sites, Farms, Large External Yards… Traditional security simply can not cover these areas. The lack of 240v site power makes it impossible to have IP Camera coverage and remote reporting. Or at least it used to…

Global Zone’s Solar Surveillance Pole solves these issues. Loaded with top of line analytics and 4G/5G connections, those remote places are no longer alone. Rent a 4k video, on board footage storage, live security alerts, lighting, and an array of custom options delivered and set up directly on site starting at $60+GST* per week! 



  • Three (3x) 4K Cameras with Sub Stream for quick remote viewing
  • 4G/5G Security Router with security firewall applications
  • Smart Phone App and Self Monitoring support
  • Camera Flood Lights to allow 24/7 colour footage
  • Camera Sirens and Strobes for Intruder Alerts
  • Industry grade solar equipment for harsh Australian conditions


  • Time and Attendance Swipe Card Systems
  • Remote Control Room Monitoring for Alarms
  • Specialized Cameras (Pan/Tilt Zoom Cameras, License Registration Cameras, or Infrared Cameras)
  • Portable Concrete Base (requires the site to have a fork lift to move the pole)

Rental Pricing:

  • Rental: Starts at $60+GST per week
  • Bond and Delivery Fees may apply
  • 4G/5G Data Charges may apply
  • Contact our sales team today for more information

Purchase Outright:

  • You can purchase a fully equipped solar surveillance pole outright, starting at $3,640+GST
  • Contact our sales team for more information